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    Berkeley, CA

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    Less than 3 years experience

  • Application Start Date

    01-Oct-2017 00:00 AM

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    20-Nov-2017 11:59 PM

Tonko House - Story Artist

COMPANY NAME : Tonko House


Tonko House is an animation studio in Berkeley, founded by Pixar-alum Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi in 2014 following their production of the Academy Award nominated short film, “The Dam Keeper.” Since then, Tonko House has worked in a variety of mediums and formats. Additional productions include “Moom” (2015), “Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems” (2017), and most recently the first of three graphic novels. Additionally we are working with Fox Animation on a feature film based on the world of the Dam Keeper.
It is our aim to build a house that nurtures growth. As artists, producers, and people, we hope to support each other in building upon our present selves. We believe the highest quality work is a result of overcoming obstacles and persevering to grow. Tonko House hopes to foster a supportive environment that encourages life-long learning.
Story Artists will collaborate with the Director and Head of Story to explore and develop the visual story. He or She will receive written or verbal instructions of a sequence from Director and/or Head of Story and draw thumbnail sketches through to finished detailed storyboard panels within the discussed timeline.
Simple instructions:
INTRO AND ELIGIBILITY:Tonko House is open to artists who have a 3-Day Floor Plus, 3-Day Passport, 3-day VIP Passport, Table, Premiere Table, Booth, Premiere Booth pass to the CTN animation eXpo. This is an opportunity to potentially interview for a job in the film/vfx/animation/game industry. NOTE: You must be an exhibitor or be an attendee who has a three-day eXpo pass for interview scheduling purposes.
HOW TO ENTER: Register as an artist by clicking on "Artist Registration" above and start uploading your portfolio/reel as soon as your account has been approved. Choose an array of artwork (12 pieces) that best represents your current skill (as if you are applying to a job). The first day to submit a porfolio is  October 11th, 2017 00:00 AM PST  (you must have one of the passes above to participate) and the last day to submit a portfolio is October 18th, 2017 00:00 AM PST for the eXpo this year happening throughout the weekend of November 17-19, 2017. 
Artist Portfolio Upload Opens October 1st, 2017 (you must have one of the passes above to participate).
Artist Portfolio Upload Closes October 26th, 2017 11:59PM PST. 
Recruiter Review Opens October 27th, 2017 1:00AM PST
Recruiter Review Closes Nov 5th, 2017 16:00PM PST
Applicants are notified of their status by November 15th, 2017
Artist applicants must have a 3-Day Floor Plus, 3-Day Passport, 3-day VIP Passport, Table, Premiere Table, Booth, Premiere Booth
If you are chosen for an interview you will receive an email from the CTN team on the time and date of your meeting place. You do not need to rush to apply on the first day. This does not work on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. 


Responsibilities :
Self-manage timelines to ensure all sequences assigned are completed and submitted on schedule.
Perform background research to inform the story process
Pitch storyboards to the director and other members of the team 
Work with director and head of story to define staging, pacing and camera action
Refine dialogue where needed
Revise, edit and modify sketches as needed, per director's/Head of Story's notes  
Draw storyboards for scenes assigned
Work in adherence to budget and schedule constraints while maintaining continuity within the story, cinematography, aesthetics, mood

Information :
Ability to analyze scenes in written form and translate into visual product
Ability to express story and character through drawings
Ability to invent action and express it through drawing
Ability to present work in a clear and entertaining way
Ability to work collaboratively
Ability to work under pressure, in a fast paced, deadline driven environment
Must be open to direction and able to embrace change
Practical knowledge of cinematic language, acting and staging
Strong storytelling abilities that feature character, emotion and movement
Strong understanding of the principles of animation; emotion, acting, movement is required
Experience drawing storyboards for an animated production.
Strong understanding of the principles of animation; emotion, acting, movement is required
0-3 years feature film, TV, or DVD storyboarding experience.
Portfolio Format:
Storyboard of Personal Work: A short film or sequences that highlight your storytelling, focusing on either comedy, action or action comedy (.pdf). 
Optional Supplemental Work:
A portfolio and/or sketchbook images that highlight your skills (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, or .zip) 
A reel/animatic (AVI, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg,. wmv, .flv or .f4v)
A URL to your blog or online portfolio/reelOne-page resume (.pdf, .jpg or jpeg, .doc or docx)
Half-page biography (.pdf, .jpg or jpeg, .doc or docx)
Portfolio / Reel Requirements:
Portfolio should include a combination of storyboards, beat boards, and personal work (sketches, drawings, etc), including 3-5 samples that demonstrate:
Practical knowledge of principles of filmmaking and animation, cinematic/camera language, acting and staging  
Strong storytelling abilities that feature character, emotion and movement    
Strong draftsmanship and ability to create appealing characters and practical environments to meet story needs    
A range of action, comedy, and drama scenes are encouraged. 


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