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    Burbank, CA, USA

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    More than 3 years experience

  • Application Start Date

    28-Aug-2019 00:00 AM

  • Application End Date

    05-Nov-2019 00:00 AM

Lend a Hand


Lend a Hand Program:

CTN has been providing an international award winning artist enrichment event consistently from 2009 - 2019. We are proud to announce our new ‘Lend A Hand Program’ this year for our 10th anniversary which is quickly becoming a favorite this year. This worldwide program is open to those who can not afford to attend or travel to CTNX and have never been. Recipients are chosen through an online application process. All funds are used toward airfare, tickets and travel. Together we will help the next Walt Disney or Mary Blair attain their full potential.

Responsibilities :
How to Apply 
All applicants will be asked to submit a minimum of (8) examples of artwork.

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For more information, please contact:

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